Although Most People
Do Not Know It...

   Titanic Thompson was actually Alvin Clarence Thomas from Rogers, Arkansas.

   And, it is a matter of fact that Mr. Thomas never signed a hotel register with any name other than his own, Alvin C. Thomas.

   So, it was by choice, and through word, manner, deed and thought, that Alvin Clarence Thomas created the character, Titanic Thompson, and quietly lived the very private life of America’s seminal golfer, gambler, hustler.

   My thanks to Mr. Thomas’s living heirs: his sons, Thomas E. Thomas, and Ty Wayne Thomas, and the wife who who lovingly cared for him in his later years, Jeanette.

   It was from his family, and from the Thomas estate that I purchased all rights, including the rights to Titanic Thompson’s life story.

   Finally, a very special thanks to Dr. James Hill of Dallas, Ty’s friend and the previous licenser for the Thomas estate. Through the years, Dr. Hill has helped and continues to help me and the Thomas family protect their rights to the memories of Alvin Clarence Thomas, the man who was Titanic Thompson.

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